A set course, key dates, a growth curve

Sotralu Group has its origins in Sotralu, European leader in the design and manufacture of accessories for sliding aluminium doors and windows. Founded in 1978 in Toulouse, a mere stone’s throw from the plants where Concorde and the Airbus were designed and assembled, Sotralu quickly forged a reputation for reliability and strict standards thanks to the quality of its products. In 2007, Thierry Sainte-Claire Deville took over the lead of the business, he is a former officer in the French Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet who went on to become CEO of one of France’s first digital marketing agencies, the company soon adopted a new outlook on growth, focusing broadly on international markets. Expanding its markets to include the main European countries and then into the Middle East, India and China, Sotralu built up a widely recognised leadership in its field. That leadership is constantly being reinforced thanks to an external growth strategy that is providing the construction sector with an ever more comprehensive integrated product offering.
The first outlines of the Sotralu Group emerged in 2012, with the acquisition of Italian manufacturer Erreti, a counterpart to Sotralu manufacturing fittings for casement windows, inward opening windows, tilt & turn windows, etc. The creation of the Sotralu Group was formalised in 2018 with the acquisition of Portuguese group GNS, renowned more specifically for its expertise in door locks. This strategy of considered, controlled external growth is now leading the Group to examine and follow up on a number of other opportunities.


Proving the point of Europe by example

Sotralu Group generates 50 % of its turnover from exports. In the firm belief that European industry has an economic future and a role to play in global competition, we have put in place an industrial, logistics and commercial strategy stretching across Southern Europe. Just as a trainer picks players for a sports team, we field our Italian, Portuguese and French teams together, playing each in its strongest position. In a world where relocation of production to low-cost or best-cost countries is still very much a reality, Sotralu Group has elected to produce in Europe and sell to the whole world. For such an ambitious strategy to succeed, constant innovation will be required to bring real competitive added value to every single product. As fully paid up members of the aluminium club, we make it possible for professionals and individuals around the world to pursue their quest for quality that has already led them to choose aluminium for their doors and windows.

For their sake, Sotralu optimises and simplifies the tasks of installation, customisation, use (safety, convenience, ease of movement, durability, etc.) and maintenance. Thanks to the most comprehensive range on the market and its culture of bespoke service, Sotralu has the answers to the needs of its market.

Putting our convictions to work for our customers

Our entire concept is based on a culture of sharing – sharing the skills of our three brands and our conviction that Europe and our three countries have a part to play in global industrial competition. Better still, that we can be winners, thanks to a judicious allocation of tasks. As well as technical excellence, this requires constant adherence to our values and commitments: to our customers and the markets, that goes without saying, but also to our employees, our partners and, on a wider scale, to our society and our environment.

For Sotralu Group, technical excellence must serve humanity. Such excellence has meaning and value only if it respects ethical principles regarding human dignity and working conditions, and helps to preserve our planet.

Including the disabled in the workplace, helping the long-term unemployed back into work, ensuring that our suppliers abide by the same values – fair, sustainable quality is something that can only be built day by day, in every aspect of what we do.