Southern Europe as our launchpad

A firm believer in Europe’s industrial competitiveness, Sotralu Group unites and creates synergies between Southern Europe’s expertise in the design and manufacture of accessories for aluminium doors and windows, with the aim of strengthening its own position in Europe and pursuing its growth on major export markets (China, India, the Middle East, etc.). Erreti, GNS and Sotralu all share widely recognised expertise in producing accessories for aluminium doors and windows, each has between 40 and 50 years’ experience, and each has a vibrant culture of innovation. The close fit between their ranges and markets makes for commercial and industrial synergies that provide solutions to all the needs of their customers and prospects.


Erreti was founded in 1974 in the heart of one of the cradle of Italian industry, Emilia Romagna. Specialising in the design and manufacture of accessories for aluminium doors and windows, Erreti offers a wide and innovative range of hinges, handles and fittings. For almost 50 years, the company has been putting its design-based culture and bespoke expertise to work for its clientele of builders and system house companies, developing products tailored precisely to their product ranges and markets. Made from extruded aluminium, Erreti accessories can be anodised using the same standard as the products for which they are designed, ensuring a perfect match. With over 75% of its output traditionally destined for export, Erreti is profoundly international in its DNA.

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The GNS group is made up of industrial firms with over 50 years of experience behind them. It specialises in the development of products and solutions for the aluminium accessories industry. Based in Agueda, Portugal, GNS is particularly famous for its innovations and expertise in the field of locks (single-point and multi-point). It also holds the patent for the best-selling lock in the Iberian Peninsula, the famous 7715. The group also designs and manufactures handles, cremones, fittings, hinges, tilt & turn. The group posted turnover of €8.5 million, and joined the Sotralu Group in February 2018.

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Founded in 1978 in Toulouse (France), Sotralu is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of accessories for sliding aluminium doors and windows: locks, cladding, handles, rollers, etc. We achieved this status on the strength of the quality of our product design and manufacturing, and of our widely recognised culture of innovation and logistics. Collaborating closely with all our professional customers (system house companies, industrialists, joiners and more), Sotralu works constantly to develop products that will give even greater satisfaction to their individual customers. Thanks to the most extensive range on the market and its bespoke culture, Sotralu is in a position to meet all the needs of players in this market.

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