Sotralu Group, aluminium on the move

Sotralu Group is one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for aluminium doors and windows, partner of record to some of the world’s leading industrialists and system house companies. On their behalf, and with their input, we devise, design and manufacture in Europe the accessories that give movement to their products and add the final touch to their manifest quality. In every sense of the term, our handles, hinges, rollers, locks and motorised systems are what get aluminium doors and windows moving. Whether pivoting, tilt & turn or sliding, our accessories only add to their convenience, reliability and performance. Because we invest 5% of our annual turnover in R&D, our products often play a part in driving the market forward as a whole, setting new standards in terms of ease of use, safety, durability, aesthetics, etc. 100% European in its DNA, Sotralu Group is made up of three strong and widely recognised brands – Erreti, GNS and Sotralu – and generates over 50% of its turnover from global exports (China, India, the Middle East, etc.).


« Made in Europe » quality

Exploiting the synergies between industrial countries in Southern Europe, Sotralu Group combines the skills of Erreti (Italy), GNS (Portugal) and Sotralu (France) to play the card of “made in Europe” excellence. Each of the three brands has over 40 years’ experience in the aluminium doors and windows sector, enabling the Group to offer a comprehensive range of innovative products to meet all the needs of aluminium door and window designers and manufacturers around the world.